Multi-Use Lubricant 300 Gallon Tote

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Nexus Green Non-Toxic Multi-Use Lubricant (300 Gallon Tote) is a non-flammable, odorless lubricant that is easy-to-use and safe for use indoors and outdoors. This patented solution cleans and lubricates magazines, minimizes gum-up, is long-lasting and safe on all components.

Made in the USA
USDA Certified Bio-Preferred

Lubricates, penetrates, cleans, and displaces moisture
Protects from rust and corrosion
Sustainably manufactured made with non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive, and eco-friendly components.
Can be used around children, pets, and food but tough enough for industrial use.

Contains no biological pollutants or volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Effectively works in a wide range of environments from cold/snow (down to -10º F / -23º C) to tropical weather conditions.

Ingredients: Patented formulation made with sustainable, non-toxic ingredients

Dimensions (in packaging): varies
Volume: 300 Gallon Tote