About NeXusGreen

Why risk exposing your loved ones to dangerous toxins when there’s a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solution?

NeXusGreen lubricates without any harsh chemicals, silicon, or volatile organic compounds. And, unlike other types of lubricants, it even works in the winter! This sustainable odorless lubricant never expires and tackles everything from squeaky doors and rusty bolts to cleaning heavy lube from machinery gears.


Where can you use NeXusGreen?

With over 1,000 uses and counting!™

  • Effectively cleans car and boat parts

  • Lubricates bike chains

  • Quiets squeaky doors and drawers

  • Removes marks from floors left by chair feet

  • Lubricates hinges of all types

  • Lubricates luggage zippers

  • Removes nail polish from hardwood floors

  • Lubricates screws of all types

  • Helps prevent rust on items of all types

  • Cleans and protects door latches

  • Lubricates locks of all types

  • Prevents sliding doors from sticking

  • Loosens rusted nuts and bolts