For every problem there is a solution.

NeXusGREEN is the 21st century solution for all your lubricating and penetrating needs.

NeXusGREEN is a safe and eco-friendly modern alternative to leading industrial lubricators. Unlike it’s competitors, NeXusGREEN’s breakthrough formula is both gentle enough to be used around the house and durable enough for the toughest of jobs. It safely does all jobs better than its competitors.

At NeXusGREEN, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice durability for safety and sustainability.

How Our Customers Use NeXusGreen

No Harsh Chemicals
Made in the USA

Just ask our customers

There is a sliding door in one of our bedrooms that made an irritating grinding noise whenever it was opened or closed. I really didn’t want to use a lubricating spray with a strong chemical smell as I’m sure the bedroom’s occupant would end up with a headache. I decided to give Nexus Green a chance and it worked perfectly. Not only was there no noxious odor at all, but the door now glides smoothly and quietly on its track. Out with the old brand and in with the new from here on out!

Amazon Customer